Our story



My College Timeline was first dreamed up by award-winning TV producer Ann Balderston-Glynn.  Ann, the mother of a high school student from the northeast, felt overwhelmed in getting her 10th grader ready for college.  She realized first-hand how badly something like My College Timeline was needed.

So in the summer of 2013, after consulting with seasoned college experts with years of experience in the education field, she started pulling together her “dream team” to try and build the college curriculum. 

First on board was Jeff Wurtz, a fellow TV producer and director who, between the two of them, have won 12 Emmy Awards.  Both Jeff and Ann would create the training videos and the original series. But who would write the code and build the actual app?

As it turns out, Jeff was one of the co-founders of Scenios, the collaboration platform that transformed the way that Hollywood works. Jeff called his partners at Scenios and asked if they could build something similar in the college prep space. The Scenios guys said “yeah, it’s possible, and we’d love to help.”  So the team began to design, develop and build the platform.

By the spring of 2014, the team was in place — ready to begin the journey of building My College Timeline and bringing it to millions of American high school students.