Our seminars


Bring a college counseling seminar to your high school!

One of our college mentors, Kristina Ellis, is visiting high schools across the country to give 90 minute college counseling seminars.

Kristina begins each event by sharing her own inspiring story (which you can see in the video below) and encouraging students to dream big about college too.

She then introduces the students to the free My College Timeline platform — giving an overview of how it works, as well as a hands-on demo showing how to use it.

By the time the event is over, the students in attendance are motivated to dream big when it comes to going to college — and are empowered with the free tools that they need to achieve their dream.

The price to bring a seminar to your school is $3,500, plus any travel expenses. These costs are typically underwritten by a school's PTA.

If you're interested in bringing a My College Timeline seminar to your school, please contact us at seminars(at)mycollegetimeline(dot)com