12 things to do after submitting your tuition deposit


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 1 May 2018

Today is May 1, the official deadline for high school seniors to make their college decision and submit their tuition deposits. What happens next?

Check out this article, which offers a list of 12 things to do after making your deposit. Once they accept admission to a college, students often forget to notify their also-ran colleges that they won't be attending. This article suggests that students pay it forward by notifying those other schools and, thus, opening a space for someone on the waitlist. Students should also be sure to pay their housing application and register for orientation. On the lighter side, students should thank everyone who helped them on their college admissions journey and take some time to celebrate the decision. Check out the list for more information.

Have you done all of the things on the list? We would be interested to hear about it in the comments below.