4 steps to choosing a college major


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 29 September 2018

What will you be doing 20 years from now? It's a difficult, if not impossible, question to answer as a high school student. Choosing a college major can feel like an attempt to answer it, though.

Fortunately, a college major is not akin to a lifelong shackle to one particular career field. Despite warnings of the contrary from parents and other influential adult figures, the modern college graduate is much more than their course of study. The New York Times agrees. In fact, one article opines that the future is ever-changing, and so, too, must our college graduates be. So choosing a major should be more about capturing your personal interests and developing them. Four simple steps can help you decide on that field of study: determine your personal goals; follow your interests; put your decisions in real-world context; and be flexible. Check out the link above for more detail on each of those steps. By following them en route to a major, you will find a career filled with fulfillment, even if your career field changes many times.

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