4 ways parents can prepare for college


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 September 2018

Sending children off to college can throw parents into an emotional frenzy. From communication expectations to financial woes, parents often need to redirect their intensity. Four things can help any parents be a cheerleader for their new college student without being overbearing.

Check out this article. Suggesting four key items, the article is a guide for those parents who may not be ready to let go of their student yet. First things first, parents need to adjust their expectations, recognizing that their student may not want them to be involved in the move-in process. Parents should also be very clear about their communication and financial expectations for their student. How often will the student call home? How much money are they allowed to spend? These are questions that should be answered prior to move-in day. Finally, parents need to see themselves as supporters, not lifeguards. That means letting the student work through their own issues as much as possible.

Seniors: have you started talking with your parents about their expectations as you prepare for college? We would love to hear your thoughts below.