10 colleges that every beach lover must consider


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 12 May 2018

Love the beach? The salt water? The coastal lifestyle? Whether you're an old salt or an aspiring beach regular, there are colleges that can offer the best of academics and coastal life.

Surfer Magazine offers a great starting place for your college-by-the-sea search. Of course, West Coast schools populate much of their top 10 list. University of California, Santa Barbara takes top honors for its combination of stellar academics, inviting town, and proximity to pristine ocean beaches (as well as the Santa Ynez mountains). Other West Coast schools on the list include University of California, San Diego, and Malibu's Pepperdine University. East Coast loyalists will be happy to find a couple of options of the Surfer list, with New York University being the choice for urban Millennials. East Coast students may also want to check out the University of Rhode Island, College of Charleston, and Endicott College: the small Massachusetts school with its own beaches just for students.

Are you looking for a top-rate college near the beach? We would love to hear your comments below.