5 things rising seniors need to do this summer


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 30 June 2018

Junior year is grueling. Summer can be a time for relaxation, but a little bit of work will go a long way come the fall. There are five things that every rising senior should be doing this summer.

Here is your summer checklist, rising seniors. You can be productive over summer break by reviewing your test scores - and perhaps preparing to retake one or more - and academic performance. By gauging your success against college admissions standards, you can get a good idea for which colleges may be within reach. Those colleges will expect you to have visited by the end of the fall term, so you will want to maximize your time off by visiting the colleges that you're most interested in. You may even want to schedule an admissions interview. Summer can also be the perfect time for you to start your college applications, thus saving yourself some stress in the fall.

How are you using your summer to get ready for college? We would love to hear your comments below.