A reason to forgo private colleges


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 13 August 2018

More top students are choosing to attend public colleges. The opportunity to enroll in an honors college while paying rock bottom tuition has driven the trend. Might you want to forgo that expensive private college?

Read this New York Times article on the honors college trend. Top students are increasingly attracted to public universities that house exclusive honors colleges. Some students forgo the likes of Harvard and Yale for their state university. Why? Honors colleges allow students to experience the environment that an elite private school can provide - small classes, rigorous coursework, close student-faculty relationships - without the air of pretense or the extraordinary price tag. Public colleges clamor for the best students, and are often willing to shell out troves of scholarship money to lure them. Students thus receive a wonderful, inexpensive education with all of the perks of a private college and all of the diverse opportunities that come with attending a state school.

To me, public honors colleges are hidden gems. My experience as a student at Geneseo, New York's public honors college, was nothing short of awesome. Geneseo provided all of the opportunities that would have been available to me at a comparably-sized private institution. Sure, my residence halls weren't as opulent as those at nearby private schools, but the courses were demanding and the social opportunities were incredible. Only at a state school can you experience a student body that is so vastly geographically, economically, and politically diverse. Nominal tuition fees sweetened the package.

Have you looked into your state university's honors college? We would love to hear your comments below.