Advice for students, from students


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 7 August 2018

New college students often have more questions than answers. Advice from experienced students, though, can help new students settle in and find their way.

Check out this New York Times compilation of advice from (old) students for (new) students. First and foremost, new students can relax with the understanding that they simply don't need to know it all! You have to be willing to learn as you go, and to be adaptable as things change. Other compelling advice includes: attend all of your classes no matter what, outline your essays to save time, and develop relationships with department secretaries. Of course, every student has to figure out their own way of being successful. Taking the advice of experienced students, though, can save you from many headaches and frustrating moments.

Has any advice been particularly helpful as you navigate the college admissions process? We would love to hear your thoughts below.