Advice on choosing a college major


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 June 2018

Students often agonize over choosing the perfect college major. Selecting a course of study doesn't have to be stressful, though. Three questions are common to most undecided college students, and we have the answers for you.

Check out this US News article. The magazine surveyed current college students and answered the most common, pressing questions among them. Students need to consider the prerequisite courses they'll need to take to get into any major. The requirements can vary widely, and a wise student will explore these requirements early on as a means of gauging their personal interest in the subject matter. Once a list of majors is narrowed down, students should take advantage of their academic advisors and career services office to get a better idea of the opportunities available with each major. Students often don't realize that they can also change their major if they want to, a reality that would allay the fears of many undecided freshmen and sophomores.

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