Be proactive if you want to play college sports


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 20 November 2017

Too many high school students apply to college and assume that they will be able to take a place on an athletic team. Where high school may be egalitarian, college athletics are anything but. What do you have to do if you want to play in college?

Check out this interview with a college counselor in New Hampshire. He suggests that the college recruiting process is happening earlier than ever before. Students need to demonstrate interest to coaches early on in their high school career. Even more, though, students need to be realistic about the level at which they hope to play. For prospective Division I athletes, it will be important to start showing interest as early as freshman year of high school. That means filling out prospective student athlete forms, participating in camps and clinics, and sending athletic resumes to coaches. Like in most things, the early bird truly does get the worm when it comes to intercollegiate athletics.

How have you been proactive in your mission to play college sports? We would love to hear about your experiences below.