8 classes that college-bound students should take


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 2 September 2018

High school graduation requirements leave students little room for choice when making their schedules. Making the best choices, no matter how few, will ensure a successful college application season during your senior year. Which courses should you be taking?

Read this article from college admissions expert Wendy David-Gaines. She recommends that every college-bound student take eight courses during their high school career. At the top of her list is public speaking, a course which teaches skills that are essential to success in and after college. Computer skills classes are similarly important. Having advanced computer skills, such as knowing how to use programs like Microsoft Excel and Adobe Photoshop, can make a student much more marketable when they enter the job market. Finally, David-Gaines emphasizes the importance of home economics classes, and encourages parents to step in and teach their students how to survive and thrive on the day-to-day.

Have you taken any of the courses that David-Gaines recommends? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.