College, as told by the White House


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 7 October 2017

The federal government is working to make higher education more transparent. Students and their families can benefit by looking at the newly-released data hailed as "clear" and "reliable" by President Obama. That data can inform your college search and, indeed, ensure that you are making the best college decisions.

Check out this article. It details the new data bank that the government has released for public information. Included in the data are hoards of information regarding college graduate earnings and debt loads. Why is this important? The White House is attempting to curb student debt by increasing awareness of college cost and outcomes. The new data is available for most every college that you may be looking at, and is useful for gauging the likely long-term value of your degree. In fact, the government data reveals that graduates of 50% of American colleges are financially no better off than their peers who only completed a high school education. The statistics are startling. Wise students will use the new data as they refine their college list.

Has the new government data made you reconsider any of your college choices? We would love to hear your comments below.