Colleges forging new relationships


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 26 June 2018

Internships have become all but an essential prerequisite to landing a job after college. Some colleges give their student an advantage by partnering with major companies to offer internship and job placements. Have you looked into these types of opportunities?

In general, students who forgo college internships put themselves at a major disadvantage when it comes to searching for post-graduation employment. Luckily, more and more colleges are making it easier for students to take on an internship or apprenticeship. Check out this article to learn more about some of these opportunities. San Jacinto College and Oregon State University are highlighted for their corporate connections that help students. Of course, other colleges also have established industry partnerships. For example, Stevens Institute of Techology is partnered with giants including Boeing, NASA, and the United States Navy. Stevens offers incredible placements at these and a host other companies, and also gives students the opportunity to take specialized courses at corporate office sites.

Have you looked into the partnership agreements your prospective colleges have? We would love to hear your comments below.