Determining college fit and value


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 28 July 2018

College prepares you for greater opportunities in your life. Searching for your best-fit college can be daunting, especially when you consider each school's value proposition. Luckily, determining fit and value can be easy when you know which questions to ask.

Use this New York Times blog post as your guide when talking to admissions representatives. Conversations should always be focused on your personal goals. Asking admissions representatives about their school's curriculum, including opportunities for experiential learning, is critical to determining fit. You will also want to ask about the learning environment that exists at any one institution. Environment goes deeper than "big school" or "small school," though: on-campus student groups, classroom technology, and professor-student relationships all fall under the "environment" umbrella. Finally, starting a discussion about professional preparation and student outcomes is incredibly important for determining how your goals match those of the college.

What questions have you asked admissions counselors as you narrow your college field? We would love to hear your comments below.