Don't do ANY test prep until you've asked yourself this one question


Posted by Mark Davis on 14 December 2017

One of the questions we hear most often from students goes like this: should I take the SAT, the ACT, or both?  And our answer is always the same.  You should take them both.  But before you spend even one minute studying for them, there's one more question that you need to ask yourself.

What's your favorite way of learning new things?  

We cover this topic in one of our timeline videos (which you can also check out below). So that's why we were so interested to see an article on this topic a couple weeks ago in US News Education.  

The article was written by Brian Witte over at @VarsityTutors, who takes a look at some of the psychology behind different learning styles, and how to figure out which one is best for you.  It's a great read, and something we definitely recommend thinking about before you decide which test prep method you're going to use.

So head on over to US News and read the article there.

And once you have, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  Are you a "visual", "auditory" or "kinesthetic" learner?

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