Early Action too early?


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 November 2017

Early Action has long been the go-to option for students wary of a binding commitment, but eager to snap up places in a class. Now Early Action is coming under fire for being too early and too prolific. Could Early Action be phased out in coming years?

Check out this article. Counselors argue that there is no educational benefit to an Early Action applicant, and that the early deadline only puts stress on the student and their family. Opinions on Early Actions are a mixed bag, though. Some colleges laud Early Action for helping them to increase application numbers. Other colleges, however, suggest that Early Action makes it impossible to gauge student interest and, thus, predict annual yield. Maybe Early Action is just a formal plan for the best applicants, many of whom always applied earlier in the cycle anyway.

Where do you stand on the Early Action debate? We would love to hear your comments below.