Getting into selective schools often "a crapshoot"


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 July 2018

Even stellar students are rejected by elite colleges. In fact, getting into elite colleges is become something of an impossibility for America's brightest students. Might you want to consider schools that are slightly less selective?

If you're applying to a very selective institution, one that admits less than 15% of its applicants, you should know this: getting into one of those colleges is often "a crapshoot." Why? Because admissions counselors at these colleges are trying to craft an incoming class that will meet the needs of the school. Having special skills or talents may just be your ticket into an elite college, allowing you to rise above the many dozens of all-star athlete valedictorians from New England who wallow in the throes of sameness. Dramatic as that may sound, elite colleges can afford to become more picky about who they admit because of their surging numbers of applicants.

I would advise students to step back and realize that a great education can be had at many institutions nationwide, not just those exclusive ones that craft the perfectly diverse class. Less prestigious, but no less valuable, colleges may be your best way forward. What do you think? We would love to hear your comments below.