How colleges judge your high school courseload


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 3 September 2018

Many students wonder how their high school transcripts will be looked upon by college admissions counselors. Those students whose high schools do not offer any Advanced Placement or college-level courses are usually most concerned. Students can rejoice: admissions counselors are going to give you a fair shake.

Check out this new article by Chris Teare, the senior associate director of admissions at Drew University. In it, he assures students that they will be "evaluated in the context of their schools." This means that students should challenge themselves appropriately, but not worry if their school is lacking advanced courses. Instead, students should concern themselves with learning the most that they possibly can. That means taking courses that both challenge and interest them personally. Also, don't pad your schedule. Take appropriately challenging courses without getting caught up in a frenzy of trying to impress your admissions counselors.

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