How many AP classes do elite colleges require?


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 May 2018

High school students need to start planning early if they hope to attend an elite college. If you dream of going to an elite college, taking a rigorous course load in high school is essential. But how many AP classes should you take?

Check out this eye-opening article about college admissions. The article features Parke Muth, the former associate dean at the University of Virginia, and his admissions advice to high school students. He implies that top students simply can't take enough AP or IB classes. In fact, taking even one "easy" course during one's senior year could be incredibly detrimental to your chances at gaining admission to top schools. The admissions dean at Harvard goes as far as saying that AP and IB classes are the best predictors of success in college, and thus are weighted heavily. Are you worried about your chances of being admitted now? Don't be. The article clues you in to admissions methodology, and you might be better off than you think relative to other people in your graduating class.

How many AP classes have you taken in high school? We would love to hear your comments below.