Why you should avoid getting "senioritis"


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 8 May 2018

Spring is here, and college decisions have been made. So begins prime time for high school seniors to begin neglecting their school work. Wise students will fight the urge to slack off, and thus keep their college dreams alive and well.

Read this article by Lee Bierer, a college counselor and syndicated columnist. She warns that some colleges revoke admission offers from students who slip at the end of their senior year. With wait lists being hundreds of students long, colleges can have little tolerance for drastic changes in academic performance. Though having admission revoked is the worst case scenario, some slacking seniors may find their scholarships reduced when they submit their final transcripts. Seniors should stay motivated: graduation, the great cure for "senioritis," is just around the corner now.

What are you doing to avoid "senioritis"? We would love to hear your comments below.