How to easily get through the college admissions process


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 May 2018

Deadlines come up quickly. Too many college-bound students miss deadlines and opportunities because of rigid thinking. How can you stay on track through the college admissions process?

Set priorities. Prioritizing is a life skill that students need to be most successful in college and in life, says Long Island counselor Wendy David-Gaines. Part of prioritizing is being flexible enough to address pressing issues as they come up, and not necessarily according to any predetermined schedule. Being able to constantly assess and reassess your priorities will help any student avoid missing opportunities and being pushed along by the crowd. The other part of prioritizing is knowing when to ask for help. Students often try to do it all on their own, becoming overwhelmed and therefore late on deadlines. Interested in learning more about the benefits of prioritizing? Check out David-Gaines article on the topic here.

How have you set priorities through the college admissions process? We would love to hear your comments below.