INSIDE MY COLLEGE TIMELINE: Carina is coming back for a second season of How I Got In!


Posted by Mark Davis on 25 January 2018

Last year we launched our original web series How I Got In, where host Carina Daidone (a student at the University of Florida) interviews fellow college students who got into their dream college.  Each student tells the story of their college prep journey, and ultimately how they got accepted — providing practical, real-world advice to high school students who want to go to that college.  We thought that the series would be popular on YouTube, and we were right ;)  This is actually the top rated series on My College Timeline.  And that's why I'm so happy to announce...

We're going to produce a second season of How I Got In, and Carina will be back as our host!

This season, Carina will talk to students from top colleges like UNC, Clemson, Navy and Florida State.  The first episode will be out in a few weeks, and as always will be posted on our YouTube channel.

If you just can't wait, you can watch an episode below — How I Got In (Princeton) — which is the most viewed of all the episodes. Enjoy!


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