Looking at the world's best architecture schools


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 9 October 2017

Architects are in demand as the global population grows and infrastructure needs expand. Attending a top architecture school is a ticket to a high-profile career. Perhaps surprisingly, many of the top programs are not in the United States.

Check out this list of the top ten architecture programs. You can use these rankings to inform your college search. Only one common household name, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), appears on the top 10 list for architecture programs around the globe. Other top programs can be found as near as California, or as far away as Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Of course, rankings and lists have their shortcomings. You have to find the program that best suits you, including your interests and budget. An architecture curriculum is grueling no matter where you study. Whether studying at a school on the top 10 list, or another program - like the highly-regarded programs at Syracuse and Maryland - accreditation matters. Pursue the program that will allow to to ump right into your dream career without having to take other courses or exams.

Which architecture programs are on your radar? We would love to hear your comments below.