NBC NEWS: Recent college graduates owe more than $1 trillion in student debt


Posted by Callie Peterson on 14 November 2017

There was a story on NBC News this week that was — for many people — a little alarming.

Reporter John Yang (@jyangnbc) describes an increasingly difficult college situation for many American students.  Tuition continues to rise and, with that, so does student debt.

According to Yang, outstanding student debt in the United States has now passed the $1 trillion mark. The debt that students are incurring is causing them to wait later for large purchases like houses, which in turn effects the overall economy.

The debt trend is a worsened still by the fact that there are fewer jobs available, and lower starting salaries.  Frustration is mounting across the country, and some are starting to doubt the overall college system.

Watch the report below.  And let us know in the comments section...are things as bad as they seem in this video?