Never too early: Beginning the admissions process in 9th grade


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 24 September 2018

It is never too early to start planning for college. Increasingly, it is critical for students to dive into college admissions as soon as they start high school. The benefits of doing so might surprise you.

This article is an important one to read. Starting early, the article says, is a way to avoid incredible pressure as you approach senior year. It is important to begin planning a college future in ninth grade. That said, the whole process can be very relaxed. Take your first year of high school to understand your family's financial situation and determine the coursework you will take in high school. Tenth grade is for taking the PSAT and working to bring up loose ends in your academic record. If you've taken care of business your first two years of high school, then junior years can be more fun: taking the SAT and/or ACT, but also beginning to visit regional colleges. Finally, senior year can bring applications, final visits, and, ultimately, the best decision that was informed by years of thoughtful work.

Are you starting to plan for college ahead of your senior year? We would love to hear how you prepared for application season.