Private college scholarships: The great equalizer


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 24 April 2018

Private scholarships make college more affordable. You might be surprised at how accessible these scholarships are, and how uniquely qualified you may be for one.

Every year, students nationwide apply for thousands of private scholarships. Students of all stripes can get help paying for college when they apply for private scholarships, and PBS reports that private scholarships now account for 13% of all direct grant awards. Private scholarships are available from a wide variety of organizations, and they often reward students who are unique participants in some activity. One Iowan received a scholarship for being a golf caddy. Even better, private scholarships are awarded rather equitably across the income spectrum, despite reports to the contrary from the mainstream media.

Private aid helps students who slip through the cracks of other aid programs. It can really make a difference. There is money out there.

Have you been awarded any unique private scholarships? We would love to hear about them in the comments below.