Student income influences choice of major


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 July 2018

The college major that a student chooses has a lot to do with their financial situation. The aptly named article Rich Kids Study English captures the phenomenon, but the explanation may not be surprising to you.

Check out this recent Education Week post. Studies have confirmed that students who come from lower-income households are more likely to choose technical majors, like computer science, that lead directly to higher-paying careers. On the other hand, students who come from wealthier families are more likely to study the humanities or the arts. The reason is simple: the higher-income students feel less pressure to choose a practical field of study, and they often have some degree of financial safety should they be unable to find a job right after graduation. Interesting, right? As a counselor, though, I would encourage all students, regardless of income, to expose themselves to a variety of coursework outside of their discipline.

What do you think of this income-major trend in higher education? We would love to hear your comments below.