Tackling climate change one class at a time


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 July 2018

Maine's College of the Atlantic is trying to combat climate change. Though small, the college offers its students tremendous opportunities to make a global difference. Have you heard about the big impact that the College of the Atlantic is making?

Check out this New York Times article on the college. The article features an innovative project-based curriculum that allows College of the Atlantic students to contribute to environmental change efforts outside of campus boundaries. All students are encouraged to go beyond the small campus initiatives and take action off-campus, especially after graduation. Project-based learning is valuable because it encourages students to address serious environmental problems and implement long-term solutions that have far-reaching effects. From a solar array in Maine to renewable energy banking in Denmark, College of the Atlantic students are leading the way when it comes to tacking climate change and global degradation.

What do you think of the project-based learning initiatives at the College of the Atlantic? We would love to hear your comments below.