Thank goodness for test-optional colleges


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 August 2018

The SAT and ACT have long been the standard bearers of college admission decisions. Now, though, more schools are moving to become "test-optional." Could test-optional policies help your chances of admission?

If you aspire to attend an Ivy League institution, you are out of luck when it comes to test-optional policies. Fortunately, many other top schools are test-optional. If you look beyond the US News top 25, you'll find that schools including Wake Forest University and George Washington University, among others, are no longer requiring students to provide test scores. The absence of test scores requires a more holistic application review process. The benefit for students? More personal items like your transcript, college essay, and activity record will all be afforded a closer review, all of which are less circumstantial and more indicative of a student's whole self. You can read more about test-optional schools here.

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