The downside of attending a reach school


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 30 April 2018

The college decision deadline is tomorrow. For students still thinking about attending one of their reach schools, considering a few small details could make a big difference. Is a reach school really the best thing for you?

Check out this US News article. The article offers this advice: don't dream; do. Students who dream of attending an elite college are already a cut above, but they may find that the cutthroat environments that exist at these schools aren't conducive to maximizing their success. Instead of automatically accepting admission to the most selective college, students would be wise to look at the data. Stress at elite colleges can be overwhelming. US News recommends that students compare their academic record to those of other incoming freshmen, and also that students consider how much time they're willing to devote to studying. Dreaming about an elite education, after all, is very different from succeeding with one.

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