The unspoken achievement gap


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 31 March 2018

Girls are dominating the educational scene. In a major shift over the past 50 years, girls have surpassed boys in academic achievement and college enrollment. Are you interested in how have women soared to the top educationally and professionally?

Read this article in The Economist that details the increasing dominance of women in academia and beyond. With undertones of both Sheryl Sandberg and Anne-Marie Slaughter, the article describes the greater achievement of women in terms of sweeping social change. Everything from video games to academic disinterest plague modern boys from an early age, while girls are more likely to read for pleasure and to be encouraged to pursue higher education.

Workplace inequality still reigns, though. Women in fields including law and business are commanding equal pay as compared to their male counterparts. However, women are often still unable to break through glass ceilings, with average pay often 25% lower than men in similar positions.

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