Which college visit is right for you?


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 21 October 2017

From open houses to quick campus driving tours, there are a host of ways to visit a college. You need to know, though, which types of visits are most conducive to getting the experience you want. Have you considered all of your college visit options?

Check out this article. It details all of the college visit options available to prospective students, including open houses, individual visits, and virtual tours. The value of the article is that it introduces students to the variety of ways that they can ensure a good fit at any one college. Pictures and statistics are a poor substitute for actually seeing the campus and experiencing what life would truly be like as a student. Virtual tours are a great way to whittle down a preliminary list of schools that you may be interested in, and drive-through visits are great for a sort of low-commitment "tire kicking" experience. Overnight visits and individual tours are always the best ways to get a feel for a school. Before making your final decision, be sure to spend time on the campus in person.

Which college visit options were most helpful for you? We would love to hear your comments below.