Tips for starting college after a gap year


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 17 June 2018

With gap years becoming more popular, many students wonder how to get back into academia after having a year away. Luckily, making the transition is easier than you think. Are you ready to begin your college journey now?

Check out these tips for starting college after a gap year. Staying in contact with your future college as you go through your gap year will surely help you make a seamless transition later on. If you never deferred admission in the first place, make sure that you are updating your resume and keeping your applications current. Admissions offices are increasingly welcoming of gap year students. To show admissions counselors that your gap year was meaningful, though, you should be able to detail why the time off was valuable for you. Finally, you may want to retake standardized tests so that schools see your true academic potential.

How are you preparing for the transition from a gap year to college life? We would love to hear your comments below.