TOP STORY: Google invites girl coders to light up Christmas trees around the White House


Posted by Mark Davis on 9 December 2017

Have you ever heard of something called "Made with Code"?  If not, here's the headline:  It's a program that Google created to help inspire more girls to write code.  They've just announced a pretty awesome new coding project that girls can work on...and it's at the White House!

As Google's vice-president of engineering, Pavni Diwanji, wrote in a blog post:

Earlier this year, we introduced a program called Made with Code to inspire millions of girls to try coding, and help them understand the creative things they can do with computer science. Starting today on, girls can use the introductory programming language Blockly to animate the lights of the state and territory trees that will decorate President’s Park, one of America’s 401 national parks and home to the White House, through the holiday season.

So if you're a girl that's thinking about learning to write code, then head over to and try out this epic project —before it's gone for good! 

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