TOP STORY: It's a "red-hot" job market for new college grads


Posted by Callie Peterson on 31 October 2017

With all the doom and gloom about the economy lately, this story may surprise you. According to Lynn O'Shaughnessy from CBS Moneywatch, there's actually a "red hot" job market for college grads these days. In fact, there hasn't been a bigger job market for college graduates since the "dot-com" frenzy of the late nineties.

So where are all the new jobs? The hottest area is in "information services", which basically means writing code. This area alone is expected to see 50% more jobs this year than last. Pretty amazing. Other growth areas for jobs include science, finance and the government. Overall, there are going to be 16% more jobs for college students who graduate this year (as compared to last year).

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