TOP STORY: The college admissions bubble is going to burst, according to U.S. News


Posted by Callie Peterson on 6 November 2017

For many years, U.S. News & World Report has been the "go to" publication when it comes to college rankings. So it was surprising for us to see a major article they just put out, arguing that college admissions in the U.S. is in a bubble — and it's going to burst at some point.

It's actually a pretty amazing article from U.S. News data cruncher Lindsey Cook (@Lindzcook), who makes a compelling and well-researched argument. It's a long piece with lots of data and charts, but it can be summed up in this quote:

The rising financial and psychological cost of college, coupled with declining benefits and the student loan crisis make for a bubble in college admissions. And some point to the slower rise of college enrollment as a sign that the cracks are beginning to show.

Read the full article here, and let us know if you agree.   Is the college admissions bubble going to burst at some point?