TOP STORY: The "hour of code" is coming in two weeks (so let your teacher know!)


Posted by on 27 November 2017

During the 2nd week of December, an estimated 10 million students across the U.S. will be doing an "hour of code." We think this is a great project, and we want to do our part to support it. So with that, here are two videos to inspire you to join in the fun.

First up, here's our favorite video from, which describes how cool it is to be a coder:



Hopefully that got you excited about the whole "writing code" thing. So now here's one very simple next step you can do: Talk to your teacher about doing an hour of code in your classroom. Here's a video showing how that would work:



So share this blog post with your teacher...and sometime between December 9th and December 16th, do an hour of code!

And let us know in the comments section below...will you be joining in?