TOP STORY: The serious problem with the 2014 SAT scores


Posted by Callie Peterson on 7 November 2017

For many students, taking the SAT's is one of the most stressful parts of high school.  But according to Valerie Strauss (@valeriestrauss) from the Washington Post, this shouldn't be the case.  

To put it mildly, Valerie is not a big fan of the SAT's. Her main argument is that the SAT's aren't really an accurate predictor of future success in college:

So here we are again, with newly released SAT scores that don’t really tell us anything about the students who took them but that will have an important effect on many of those students’ lives anyway.  There’s something very wrong here.

Strauss argues that a student's grades in high school are a more accurate predictor of success in college. All the SAT"s really show is your likelihood of getting into college.

Read the full article here. And let us know in the comments section below...should the U.S. ditch SAT testing and focus more on a student's grades?