TOP VIDEO: Meet the kid who's trying to clean up the ocean


Posted by Mark Davis on 20 October 2017

We found a really cool video that was just posted on Motherboard.  It's the story of a 20 year old kid from Holland, who just may change the world.

He has come up with an idea that can help save the oceans from the garbage that's piling up everywhere (especially in the Pacific Ocean) using giant nets and natural "gyres."  But he's not just talking about it, he is also doing something about it: he has raised millions of dollars, started a company, and hired a hundred people to try and make his idea actually happen.

You have to see this story to believe it, so click to watch it below on Motherboard.  Then let us know in the comments this kid the next Elon Musk?

(thanks to @M_Hoppenstedt at Motherboard for bringing us this inpiring story)