TRAGEDY AT FLORIDA STATE: "One tribe, one heartbeat"


Posted by Alex Tellez on 24 November 2017

My name is Alex Tellez and I'm one of the filmmakers here at My College Timeline. I share with you all of my experiences as a Florida State Seminole through photos and videos. The other day I experienced a tragic event here at Florida State that I did not think I ever would. It was a school shooting.

On November 20, 2014 at 12:30 am a Florida State alum entered into the 6 story Strozier library with a gun. He was fully loaded and had full intentions of shooting several people. As he approached the library he began shooting. He stepped inside the library and paused for a moment in the lobby. He fired a few more shots, panicked, and went outside the library. As soon as he stepped back outside he was shot and killed by FSU police at 12:36 am. This horrific incident left three students injured. Two of the three victims have been released and one is still in the hospital paralysed and in critical condition. 

You hear about school shootings in the news. You hear about the shooting in that state, in that town, at that school. But this is my school. I attend this school. My heart is in this school. How could this happen to my school? To my home?

It's hard to wrap your mind around. It's hard to be so close to the situation, and be the one sending the text or making the call to make sure your friend wasn't shot. This event is obviously terrible. However, the way the school, the student body, and the community of Tallahassee has handled this issue is outstanding. The focus hasn't been on the shooter or the inhumane act. Instead, the focus has been purely on supporting and loving each other. That day changed Florida State. November 20, 2014 is the day that we as Seminoles came together as one. Sorority, fraternity, your major, race etc. -- none of that mattered. What mattered was that I was a Florida State Seminole and the person next to me was a Florida State Seminole. And through this time of confusion, sadness, and hurt we were going to help each other and do whatever it took to move forward together as one. Together we are stronger than before and together we are unconquered.

Since this event I have been asked by several different people if I'm scared. If I would recommend others to go to FSU. My answer to that is this -- this tragic event has made me prouder than ever to be a part of such a strong, loving, and supportive community. I have always loved my school, but this shooting has made me love my school even more. The way FSUPD, TPD, administration of FSU, and the student body of FSU dealt with this situation could not have been better. Sure, I am more cautious when walking around campus, but that is only natural. However, FSUPD has made it a point to have a noticeable increase in security the last couple days, which has been comforting. FSU has done everything they can to make us, the students, feel comfortable, loved, and heard. And for that I thank them.

When looking for a university to attend, you are also looking for a new home. Florida State University has become that -- and this horrific shooting that we all experienced has only proved that…and made this Seminole family 10x stronger. I am proud to say that I am a Florida State Seminole. Go Noles!