VIDEO PLAYLIST: How to become a financial aid whiz in 40 minutes flat


Posted by Mark Davis on 7 December 2017

We're well into the holiday season now, which — for millions of high school students around the country — means one thing. It'll be time to submit their new financial aid forms next month. But the truth is, many students and families find the whole "financial aid thing" to be complex, confusing, and downright stressful. If this sounds familiar, then we've got some good news for you.

Here's a playlist of videos that will help you understand it all.  

It's a collection of short videos that are featured in the curriculum of our college prep app.  You'll see an introduction from our college mentor Kristina, some nice animated videos that explain the financial aid process, and a hilarious clip from the guys at Fastweb about the FAFSA form.  You'll also see a great video from @KelseyLSheehy at US News, where she interviews a couple financial aid experts about common mistakes you can avoid making on your FAFSA form.

If you're able to set aside 40 minutes to sit back, relax, and watch these videos, then you'll be glad you did. Because you'll pretty much be a financial aid genius by the time they're over...and you'll even get a couple chuckles along the way.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Did this playlist help you understand financial aid better?

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