WATCH: Dan Rather gets an inside look at college admissions


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 5 March 2018

How fair is the college admissions process? You might be surprised to learn the truth. From US News rankings to admissions committees, journalist Dan Rather gives you an inside look at the business of college.

Watch Dan Rather expose the college admissions process as he follows high school students and interviews admissions officers. You'll learn about how the US News rankings are merely a marketing tool that often misrepresent the prestige of the schools on its list. Students are made to think that there are "good" schools and "bad" schools based on these rankings, and often only the privileged students with proactive parents stand a chance at getting into the "best" colleges. Inequity is rampant in college admissions. Dan Rather interviews various college administrators who go as far as to agree that higher education is not widely accessible.

What do you think about the fairness of college admissions? We're interested to hear your comments below.

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