WATCH: President Obama describes his "America's College Promise" proposal


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 19 February 2018

Last month, President Obama revealed his plan to make higher education more accessible to Americans. Called "America's College Promise," the plan aims to make community college free to hard-working students.

Higher education is critical to increasing your earning potential. President Obama wants to reward those with a strong work ethic who previously may not have been able to afford higher education. In order to qualify for free community college, students will need to maintain a grade point average above a certain mark. The ultimate goal is to make the United States a world leader in education while simultaneously reducing student debt. President Obama says it like this:

I’m announcing an ambitious new plan to bring down the cost of community college tuition in America.  I want to bring it down to zero. I want to make it free.  Community colleges should be free for those willing to work for it.

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