WATCH: The app that notifies your parents when you skip class


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 25 February 2018

College life is all about independence and making your own choices. Many students, though, choose to skip class and unknowingly prolong their college career. This new app is out to change that.

Watch this video that highlights Class 120, the new app that alerts parents when their college students skip class. The app can also notify professors and administrators if the student is attending class. USA Today reports that student skip an average of 20% of their classes over the course of their college career. While the average cost of skipping one class can range anywhere from a few dollars at a state college to a few hundred at a private university, many students are against the new technology. On the other hand, some parents like the idea of knowing that their student is safe and being responsible.

What do you think about the Class 120 app? We would love to hear your take in the comments below.

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