WATCH: You've never seen acceptance letters given out like this


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 12 February 2018

Getting your college acceptance letters is the most exciting part of the whole college admissions process. What if one of those letters was personally delivered to your house by a giant turtle mascot? For some Maryland high school students, that is exactly what happened.

The admissions staff at University of Maryland decided to make a special moment for six admitted students. Testudo, the mascot of the university, and the director of admissions boarded a bus from the College Park campus to the homes of randomly-selected students. To say that the students were surprised is an understatement.

Watch the surprise of a few of the students as they open their doors to find Testudo. The Washington Post was on the scene to record the student reactions, and this article recounts the whole event.

How would you like it if a school came to personally tell you some good news? We would love to hear your comments below.

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