When not to enroll


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 15 October 2017

Despite being qualified for admission, students should not necessarily enroll in the school of their dreams. A number of factors prompted one admissions director to go public with such a stern warning. How might her warning benefit you in the future?

Check out this article from The Washington Post. The article highlights Jenny Sawyer, the executive director of admissions at the University of Louisville, who worries about some students. She advises some to forgo an education at Louisville. Why? As a means of ensuring a stable financial future, as well as a bright academic future. A four-year college may not be the smartest option at the outset. Rather, Sawyer recommends bargain-priced community colleges as a starting point. Of course, the sky is the limit after completing a two-year degree. The goal, Sawyer says, is to graduate, rather than recruit, students, and she suggests that having a student graduate from Louisville after completing a two-year degree is often sweeter than graduating those four-year degree students.

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