Where is the tuition ceiling?


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 22 April 2018

College fees are increasing at unprecedented rates. With over 50 schools charging over $60,000 per year, many Americans are asking when fee hikes will reach their limit. When will the cost of a college education just be too much?

Jeffrey Selingo probes increasing college fees in this Washington Post article. Over the past 15 years, Americans have watched as the most expensive schools went from charging around $40,000 to well over $60,000. The average sticker price of a private four-year university this year is $42,419. Of course, relatively few student actually pay the full sticker price. Even so, Selingo suggests that high advertised prices keep many talented students from ever even applying to private colleges. Fast approaching, he says, is the point when families push back against the strain on their checkbook.

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