Where to live when you're a college student


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 14 October 2017

Saving money is an objective for many college students. Though many sing the praises of living off-campus, some students may be better off living in college housing. Have you considered the best place to live in college?

Check out this article. Students at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill are profiled for their choice of college residence. One student, a sophomore, decided to forgo campus living for a small apartment in town. She saved $1,000 over the course of the school year, which was a top priority for her. Another student, though, could not be convinced of the merits of living off-campus. Despite the availability of luxury student living options, she chose to live on campus for the community and convenience. The moral? There is no best place to live while you’re in college. It is all a matter of preference and priorities.

Are you considering every option when it comes to college housing? We would love to hear your comments below.