Which college application is for you?


Posted by Ryan DeVito on 23 July 2018

Most every student knows the Common Application. The Universal College Application, though, is gaining ground on the ubiquitous Common App. Do you know the difference between the two applications?

More than 500 colleges nationwide accept the Common App, one third of which use the Common App exclusively and do not offer another means of applying. That application promotes a more holistic approach to student evaluation. The Universal College Application (UCA) is accepted by only a handful of colleges, but requires those colleges to be accredited institutions that adhere to specific NACAC standard. Students using the UCA will not have to submit letters of recommendation with their application. So which application is better? The two applications are treated equally by schools that accept both, but the Common App has the upper hand in accessibility. This article compares the two applications so that you can decide which works best for your needs. 

Which application are you going to send to colleges? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.